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Veterinary Treatments and Wellness Care

A Complete Hands-On Veterinary Physical Exam

This will be a great hands-on physical exam  which will Include a records or referral review for your pet, and will involve my taking the time to genuinely listen to you describe your pet's personal medical history, including his or her background story, interactions with other family members, diet, activities and lifestyle.  Based on my assessment I will advise which of the following gentle, natural therapies would be the best for your pet at this time.




Homeopathy is a wonderous medical modality. It impressed me from the very first time I directly experienced it used and I have never ceased to be amazed by its fast and curative powers. It is based on the Law of Similars, by which miniscule doses of substances derived from animals, plants or minerals are potentized to make Remedies that lead to healing.  


Homeopathy is both art and science;  only experience can lead to the choosing of the best specific remedy for your pet. I learned from the master of veterinary homeopathy and natural pet medicine, Dr Richard Pitcairn DVM.  I am now a member of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and regularly communicate with other practitioners/scholars on our professional noticeboard. I practise Classical Homeopathy.


Veterinary Homeopathy is great for animals that are hard to medicate or handle because the remedies are small, easy to give, do not taste bad, and are usually limited to only 1-3 doses initially. I use the animal's symptoms of illness as a guide to selection of the right remedy for each situation.  These remedies, in turn, help guide the pet's vital force or energy towards the correct path of healing. In essence, homeopathy helps the pet heal to him or her self!


Homeopathy is very successful for treating those problems that conventional veterinary medicine has deemed untreatable or ongoing, such as  chronic ear and skin infections, anal gland issues, tendon or ligament problems, spinal or hip pain, chronic renal failure in cats, hyperthyroidism, vomiting, diarrhea, other digestive problems such as a lack of appetite, and many behavioral dilemmas. 



Veterinary Acupuncture is a highly successful and adaptable diagnostic and treatment technique for animals. It starts with a complete hands-on physical exam, which includes meridian and musculoskeletal palpation, gait analysis and pulse diagnosis. If your animal permits, I move on to needle insertion along the meridians. Then we let the animal sit or lie down for 5-20 minutes in order for the treatment to percolate through their body, infusing their mind and muscles with relaxation and therapy. Oftentimes the pet will fall asleep during the acupuncture session. She or he will benefit from the first treatment, but the true key to success is having follow-up sessions of acupuncture, massage and musculoskeletal manipulation, at 1-4 week intervals to start, then every couple to several months apart, as necessary.


Acupuncture is particularly indicated for conditons such as arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, lameness, and chronic pain.


Nutritional Recommendations and Behavioral Consultation

I am guided in the foundation of my treatments by Hippocrates' philosophy of "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".  I will discuss and recommend the optimum diet for your animal companion given their constitutional type, environment, and nature of their imbalance.
Nutrition, exercise, interactions with family and your pet's lifestyle will all be taken into account as I address behavioral problems such as thunderstorm anxiety, hyperactivity, unwanted barkiness, or fear. Homeopathy and acupuncture can be very effective treatments for many of these issues.



The Sierra Vista area has many good vets but how many make house calls? Dr Siobhan Jones does. This, along with her knowledge of animals and veterinary medicine make her a unique and welcome addition to our area.

Dr Jones has been my vet for many years. Her knowledge of veterinary medicine and animals is outstanding and her gentle demeanor allows her the ability to reassure both the pets and their owners as needed. The icing on this very fine cake is that Dr Jones makes housecalls. If you have a cat like mine who hates being out in a carrier and going for a ride, you will understand how wonderful this is!


Melody, Hereford, AZ.

"I wish that I could explain how comforting it is for us to have a vet who helps our many companion animals get and stay healthy. Our dogs and cats are part of our family and their well-being is important.

When Dr Jones examined our dog, Skye, she was limping. After Dr Jones worked her magic, Skye happily started back on her daily walks. Also my running buddy, Cooper, had stopped jogging with me. Dr Jones performed acupuncture and massage on him as well and Cooper is now back to his old running self.

It was comical to see him start smiling during the treatment as his pain disappeared.

Our cats, Ollie Mae and Smokey, benefitted from the homeopathic remedies that Dr Jones gave them for their teeth and gums. The treatments that she gave them helped them gain their appetites and weight back. Smokey especially is a changed cat!


Debbie, Portal, AZ.


Home Hospice Care


I do not perform at home euthanasia as I prefer to provide Veterinary Home Hospice Care, which means I will help you to help your pet live a quality life for as long as is possible. I  will help you decide if injectable euthanasia at a clinic is the best end to their life, or if passing peacefully at home is the most dignified option. I will help you support your pet at home if you choose hospice care.


Dying does not need to be an emergency;  it can be very peaceful and free of fear or pain.  We can make it so. 





First Visit Includes:

Initial Consultation, Housecall and Exam:  Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour 

With a Drive Fee Depending on your Location 

Initial Medication, Acupuncture or Veterinary Treatment

Plan of Action

Educational Materials when Needed


Follow-Up Visits Will Include:

Housecall with Veterinary Acupuncture, Massage or Treatment: 30-45 minutes  

Drive Fee : depending on your location

Follow-up Medication:

Continuing Plan of Action



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